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| Midas Touch - D4 Earrings |


This listing is for a pair of Midnight Stray exclusive D4 earrings in the "Midas Touch" design. The D4 is designed with a snake as the 1, 2 stars as the 2, 3 stars as the 3 and the MS logo as the 4! 

Earring hooks are hypoallergenic silver plated copper. Findings are made from brass. The findings may contain trace amounts of nickel, but the hooks are nickel free.


Inked in enamel metallic gold. 

Midas Touch - D4 Earrings

  • All Midnight Stray dice are handcrafted and are subject to minor imperfections. These minor imperfections may include but are not limited to: mold marks, micro scratches, micro bubbles, slightly rounded corners, or other traces of the manufacturing process. 

    Every attempt is made to make the dice as perfect as humanly possible. Please be aware of these possible concerns and take this into consideration when purchasing. 


    If more than 1 set of dice are listed for purchase, your set may differ slightly from the images shown. Since the dice are handmade, each set is truly unique!

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