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  • Do you offer commissions?
    Unfortunately I do not offer commissions at this time.
  • I don't see any dice on the website - what does this mean?
    Since all of the resin dice are handmade, the dice are listed on the website on scheduled days depending on my work production. Periodically on our social media platforms, a dice drop date and time will be announced. At the specified date and time, the dice will be made live for purchase. For the most up to date information on dice drop times, please check us out on the following platforms: Instagram - @midnightstraycandleco Discord Server -
  • I missed out on a dice set. Will you make them again?
    Depending on the demand, I do try to remake sets when possible! Please feel free to reach out on our social media platforms if you miss a particular design that you really wanted. I do my best to include both new and remade designs in each dice drop. However, please keep in mind that no two resin dice sets are ever identical. Due to the nature of the medium, each set is truly one of a kind and some designs may never be replicated!
  • Will this candle smell as I expect?
    Each candle has an enchanting description to help inspire and captivate the essence of the scent. We understand that everyone’s nose is different, so please keep in mind each candle will appeal differently to the respective buyer. The scent notes listed are the most prominent in the scent profile and you may experience different notes as you burn your candle or melt.
  • What happens if I don't like the scent?
    If you find that the candle you purchased does not meet your expectations, we do accept returns or exchanges for unused, unlit candles and wax melts. The buyer is responsible for the return shipping, as well as the shipping for the new item. Please ship your items back to us at our address: Midnight Stray Candle Co. P.O. Box 26186 Birmingham, AL 35260 Please make sure to include your order number with your shipment. For exchanges, please let us know which item(s) you’d like. We will bill you for the reshipment charges once your exchange ships. We are unable to accept returns on partially used items (lit candles, etc.).
  • What kind of fragrance oils do you use?
    Most of our fragrance oils are a mix of natural and synthetic oils that are designed specifically for candles. They burn safely, consistently and give off the best scent throw. We mix several fragrances together to achieve our unique scent combinations. All fragrance oils used are phthalate-free.
  • How long will my candle/melt burn?
    Our signature 11oz candles will burn for at least 50 hours, possibly longer depending on how you burn them. It's best to burn your candle for no more than 4 hours at a time. Make sure to let the wax melt all of the way across the top of the jar to avoid tunneling and wasting your wax. Wax melt scent times can vary based on the strength of your warmer and the oils used. Use 1-2 cubes at a time, then swap out the used wax for new ones once you no longer smell any fragrance.
  • Do you make custom scents and labels?
    Unfortunately we are unable to make or accept custom requests at this time. Our apologies for any inconvenience.
  • What days do you ship?
    Due to the nature of the melting point of the wax we use, we usually only ship orders out on Monday-Wednesday. The soyblend wax we use has the potential to melt if the candles are left in a warehouse over an extended period of time, so we try to avoid this by shipping on the days where your items would most likely arrive before the weekend. This means our processing turnaround time is 3-5 business days, depending on when your order is placed. If you are in a hurry to receive your items, please reach out to us and we are happy to provide you with additional shipping options if necessary.
  • Domestic Shipping
    Candles and dice will be shipped via the United States Postal Service. Current processing time before shipping is 3-5 business days. You will receive a tracking notification once your item(s) have been shipped. All orders are shipped and charged based on the weight and shipping location of your items. Orders are calculated at the best available rate for USPS Ground Advantage. We offer free domestic shipping to the U.S. on any order that totals over $150.
  • International Shipping
    We currently offer shipping to the Continental US, Canada, Australia and Bermuda. All orders shipped to these locations are shipped at the best available insured rate through USPS.
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